Kanzlei Klengel

Attorney and Defense Lawyer in Frankfurt


Juergen Klengel as an attorney and defense lawyer in Frankfurt offers clients comprehensive advice on all aspects of white collar crime and tax offenses.
The Law Firm acts throughout Germany and internationally.

Economic Criminal Law

E.g. fraud, embezzlement, breach of trust, commercial bribery, corruption, environmental crime, competition law violations, books…


Tax Criminal Law

E. g. tax evasion, missing trader fraud, tax self-reporting…


Corporate Compliance

Compliance has become increasingly important for companies. Compliance includes measures to detect and prevent legal and regulatory…


Internal Investigations

Internal investigations are often closely linked to compliance violations. Internal Investigations can provide the management with information…


Labor Criminal Law

E. g. illegal employment of workers, illegal employment of aliens, violation of social security regulations and working time law violations…


Medical Criminal Law

E g. false claims, corruption, breach of trust, personal injury and manslaughter by negligence…


Customs and Foreign Trade Criminal Law

The import and export of goods by importing or exporting companies is regulated in Germany by foreign trade law. Due to foreign trade…


Media Criminal law

This term refers to all criminal acts which are related specifically to, or typically address, members of the media…


Banking and Capital market Criminal Law

e. g. breach of trust, capital investment fraud, fraud charges, insider trading charges, defense in bank and capital criminal proceedings…


Environmental Crime

All criminal offenses related to violations of the environmental regulations. These include…


Money Laundering

Money laundering is the process of transforming the proceeds of certain criminal acts…


Data Protection Criminal Law

The importance of Data Security is incessantly increasing. Especially with the adoption…


General Criminal Law

The general criminal law covers areas of crime that are not related to economic life.


Witness Counseling

A witness counsel is a criminal defense lawyer that provides legal assistance to…


International Legal Assistance

In criminal matters international legal assistance is provided by foreign authorities…


Criminal Due Dilligence

Corporate acquisitions always entail civil and tax liability risks that can be handled…


Construction Criminal Law

Building criminal law includes all criminal offences which can be carried out…


Criminal Liability For Products

The criminal liability for products has gained importance enormously in practice in…


Criminal Liability For Company Organs

Since a formal corporate criminal law does not yet exist in Germany, no penalties can…


Antitrust Criminal Law

Anti-trust criminal law is a sub-sector of economic criminal law. It is regulated…


Corruption Criminal Law

The corruption criminal law is a part of the economic criminal law…


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Individual Representation and Defense

Juergen Klengel’s deep and extensive knowledge in these areas is grounded in his many years of experience dealing with white collar, tax offense and bribery cases as an experienced, former public prosecutor, attorney and defense lawyer. He was a partner in a leading international law firm and headed the white collar and compliance practice for many years in Frankfurt before founding his own law firm in Frankfurt am Main.

Juergen’s first-hand enforcement and defense experience helps him to support and defend his clients in all phases of investigations, from the preliminary proceedings stage in complex national and international cases, relating to issues such as corruption, corporate espionage, missing trader fraud, price fixing, tax evasion, embezzlement, breach of trust and environmental offenses, to the appeal instance. The law firm represents and defends a large variety of company representatives such as board or supervisory board members, executive directors as well as the employees of the company or other individuals.

Juergen Klengel’s international knowledge enables him to guide individuals, companies and multiple parties through even the most complex cross-border investigations. He has a significant track record, inter alia of advising companies and clients faced with investigations by US authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). He also offers dependable advice on sanctions, embargos and defense in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act issues.

Juergen also supports the management and the company to ensure the required compliance with national and international laws and provisions and assists to implement the respective guidelines and compliance structures. He places particular emphasis on preventive advice, so that clients can avoid costly and unnecessary criminal and tax offense charges by preemptively identifying and eliminating criminal risks and culpable behavior.

Juergen Klengel is also able to offer his clients the benefit of his considerable experience in implementing and optimizing group-wide whistle-blower systems.

Corporate Representation & Corporate Defense

In recent years, companies in particular came more and more into the focus of law enforcement agencies and regulators. Companies operating on a national or international scale nowadays face an enormous increase in regulatory density and risks when doing business. That includes a large variety of business-related penal provisions as well as very strict tax and administrative obligations. The economic consequences directly caused by fines and levies, as well as the damage of the companies due to reputational damages or the exclusion from public tenders, can lead to severe financial consequences or even to an existential threat. An efficient risk minimization strongly requires tailor-made preventive advice and, in case of proceedings by law enforcement authorities or even dawn raids, the immediate involvement of an experienced economic defense lawyer as a corporate representative.

The corporate representation includes the base defense of the company to avoid fines or profit levies and in appropriate cases the internal investigation and of the facts. At the same time, Kanzlei Klengel advises on the enforcement of claims for damages or their efficient rejection and in appropriate cases assists the company in taking employment-related consequences.

In extensive proceedings, Juergen Klengel draws on a huge and well-developed national and international network of sophisticated inter- and extra-disciplinary colleagues. The law firm regularly works together with other excellent lawyers from other areas of law as well as accounting firms and tax consultants. If a parallel defense of organs or employees of the company is necessary, Kanzlei Klengel intervenes experienced defense attorneys from Frankfurt, Germany and other countries and ensures by this coordination a comprehensive and competent representation of the involved company and the individuals.

Based on his deep expertise and thorough approach, Juergen has led many internal investigations within companies on various criminal law matters. These matters were often multi-jurisdictional and related e.g. to international bribery, embezzlement or serious compliance breaches. Offering clear and pragmatic advice, Juergen also advises and represents clients seeking to recover assets lost due to criminal offenses.

The law Firm has also an extraordinary expertise and experience in the field of representation and defense in preliminary and criminal proceedings in which, in addition to the German authorities also foreign supervisory authorities or law enforcement agencies, such as the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or domestic and foreign tax authorities, are involved.

If the company has been harmed externally or by its own employees, the firm advises the management and the company on the strategic determination of the best course of action. This includes clarifying the facts and several important legal issues. Amongst other questions, it e.g. has to be decided with great care whether or not and at which point the enforcement authorities should be informed and involved actively.

Commitment & Competence

Kanzlei-Klengel in Frankfurt am Main consistently advises on the enforcement of claims for damages and restitution and identifies and secures assets already during the preliminary investigation proceedings. The law firm ensures that the public prosecutor’s office takes the necessary asset protection measures or makes use of civil court assistance to secure the enforcement of claims for damages.

Juergen Klengel advises companies also in the prevention of money laundering and corruption. Juergen, as an experienced defense lawyer in Frankfurt and former public prosecutor, represents and defends companies and their employees in all regulatory crises.

The law firm is also available to assist companies in product liability cases, industrial accidents or environmental litigation. The services of the Kanzlei-Klengel in Frankfurt am Main include inter alia:

  • Advice on the announcement or initiation of a preliminary investigation
  • Defense in preliminary proceedings, interim proceedings, in the main hearing and in appeal proceedings
  • Supervision and representation during company and house searches
  • Representation of companies in investigation and criminal proceedings and in appropriate cases exercise of the base defense of the company and ensuring and organizing the advice and defense of individuals by excellent economic defense lawyers
  • Advice and representation in connection with proceedings of German law enforcement agencies involving international law enforcement or supervisory bodies.
  • Efficient defense against corporate fines, expiry and levy measures
  • Ensuring asset-securing measures and the civil enforcement of restitution and damages claims
  • Guidance on and support of the company in regards to corporate press and public relations
  • Avoidance of reputational damage due to negative press coverage
  • Advice, representation and defense of individual clients such as board members, supervisory board members, managing directors, employees of companies as well as other defendants
  • Assisting witnesses and targets in interviews and interrogations